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There are 14 messages in the Guest Book of Mark Mattioli:
 Gene Duffy   2016-06-08 13:25:32 

Hiya Mark! Was an honor to be in your "Pocket Tour" books as "Duffys" and "Debs Dugout", you also designed the "Duffy" logo we used until we retired.  Always loved your work.....Live well!
 Michelle D   2014-08-15 10:14:16 

love the yoga dog series! :D wish it wasn't sold out!
 Deb Savage   2013-05-26 13:45:25 

Hey, great viewing your wonderful art!  Enjoyed your
Southern Italia journal; it added such a special dimension to our shared
experience. It was such a pleasure meeting and spending time with you
and beautiful Elizabeth. Will most certainly, own a genuine "Mattioli"
one day....will keep abreast of your work, and find exactly the right one.
Be well...keep that sweet spirit, and I do hope, we meet again one day.

Love, Deb (& Michael)

 Ed Kidder   2013-05-18 08:54:26 

Cool stuff brother!  Can't wait to see some of your sketches from Italy on your site!  Hope you made it home safe and sound!  All the best to you and Elizabeth!  It was a real pleasure and total blast!

Be well my friend and stay in touch!
 W. Czolacz   2013-04-02 10:47:10 

We liked the "Bat Pipe" so much, we bought it.  Our advice to others who "like" something seen here - buy it while you can. (Saves you the hassle of kicking yourself later.)
 The Adams Family   2013-01-04 12:41:43 

We really like and enjoy your Healdsburg Town Map.  Thanks for the hard work.
 Ken Boyd   2012-11-01 14:30:08 

Hello Mark
I just saw your work at ricks [ cafe M ] and  really enjoy it .
The wit and style is just what we need .
 Ken Boyd   2012-11-01 14:30:05 

Hello Mark
I just saw your work at ricks [ cafe M ] and  really enjoy it .
The wit and style is just what we need .
 Kelly   2012-09-14 09:12:47 

Love love love the art (I want vendo comfort).
 Tim Polk   2012-02-17 13:03:09 

Mark, looking forward to featuring your some of your artwork at The Wine Country Inn in St. Helena during Arts in April.


 Kathy Carney   2010-05-03 17:46:22 

Hi Mark,
I met you at my art talk at the Napa Library. First, thanks for coming and asking some great questions.
You have some very amusing work. Start thinking about Wiley some. Especially like the yoga dog series (I do yoga). I also think the self portrait is great. You have a wonderful, very funny imagination.
 Nancy   2009-12-12 02:40:27 

Mark, a fantastic and fun group of paintings. A friend mentioned your "Rose's Bakery" and I came to look, and stayed to see everything!  So many interesting, double take moments in one place! Great!
Nancy P.
WACEM - We Actually Collect Electric Mixers

 abby   2009-12-11 15:19:12 

Dear Mark,
What a wonderful website! Fabiola trip down Memory Lane!
How many Mattioli's can one person legally hang in their home?  I adore my "Mattioli Original" collection and look forward to further adorning my walls soon!
 Julie Wicher   2009-03-04 09:34:41 

I saw your "Barrel Tasting" at Hagafen Winery in Napa over the weekend. I LOVED it. You have a very fun and unique style.
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